SeatGeek 101: March Madness Ticket Types

Jan 24, 2018


Tyler Berry

We’re inching closer and closer to one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, otherwise known as March Madness. With such a popular tournament on the horizon, it’s crucial for any college basketball fan to secure his or her tickets well in advance. With that being said, let’s take a look at the various ticket types and packages for the upcoming tournament.

Full Strip Tickets

Full strip ticket packages are ticket bundles for all three sessions at a tournament location. Often times, these packages are a better value than buying tickets for each individual session as long as you plan to attend every game. For example, INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, KS will host tournament games on March 15 and 17, and a full strip ticket will get you into all three sessions on those two days.

Session Tickets

The first and second round regional games take place across eight venues throughout the United States. Each of these venues features three different sessions of games. The first two sessions take place on March 15 or 16, while the third session takes place on March 17 or 18. Each session consists of two games and these ticket packages often give you a better deal than buying tickets to each game individually would give you. They’re also more affordable than the full-strip tickets, especially if you don’t plan on going to all six games at a venue.

Final Four Tickets

The Final Four gives you the opportunity to buy tickets to each game individually if you’re solely interested in one of the semifinal games. However, the tournament also offers a full-strip package, giving you access to both semifinal matchups as well as the National Championship game.

There’s not much more to it. The NCAA makes the March Madness ticket process extremely straightforward and all the ticket packages are available right here at SeatGeek. It’s time to get excited about one of the greatest sporting events on the planet!

(Cropped image courtesy of Eric Wong via Flickr.)