SeatGeek 101: Making Ticket Buying Effortless

Nov 19, 2015


Angela Bunt

SeatGeek, everybody’s favorite ticket-buying platform, has just launched the fourth (and final) in a series of “SeatGeek 101” commercials. Entitled “Making Ticket Buying Effortless,” the 15-second animated clip will teach you how to buy tickets the easy way. Through a simple swipe, tap and scan, you can get into any event using your mobile device and the SeatGeek app. Perfect for folks on the go–and who isn’t these days?

In case you missed it, this is the fourth installment in SeatGeek’s video series. Want to see them all from the beginning? We don’t blame you. Click here for video 1; click here for video 2; and click here for video 3. Or, head to the official website and find out for yourself firsthand.