The Lowdown on NBA Finals Ticket Prices

May 30, 2018



With the 2018 NBA Finals kicking off Thursday night, ticket prices for the rubber series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are shaking out to be a bit less than last year (which was also Cavs vs Warriors).

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Tickets for Game 1 of the series, at Oracle Arena in Oakland, are reselling for an average of $1,036, which–if demand holds–would top last year’s Game 1 resale average of $1,357. The current get-in price for the first game is $460. Game 4 is currently at an average resale price of $882 (slightly more than 2017), with a get-in price of $352.

Historical NBA Finals Ticket Prices

Here is how prices are shaping up for this year’s NBA Finals, and how that compares to the past two years of the Cavs-Warriors championship series.

2018 NBA Finals Ticket Prices

2017 NBA Finals Ticket Prices

2016 NBA Finals Ticket Prices

2015 NBA Finals Ticket Prices

Prices are shaping up to be two thirds to half as expensive in Cleveland, where Game 3 tickets are reselling for just over $950 on average and Game 4 tickets are reselling for just under $800.

NBA Finals Tickets

The current “get-in” price (cheapest ticket) for NBA Finals Game 1 in Oakland is currently $475. The get-in price for Game 2 is $578. Game 3 is currently the cheapest option, with tickets going for as low as $393. Browse all NBA Finals Games here.

Image courtesy of Bryce Edwards via Flickr.