Machine Gun Kelly Most Played Songs

May 13, 2022


Kristen Humphries

Machine Gun Kelly has been making music since the mid-2000s but reached his status as a household name over the last few years. Whether it be hip hop, rap rock, or pop-punk, MGK has no fear of experimenting with new styles of music. His rise in the music industry credits multiple high-ranking features on his songs including Lil Wayne, Travis Barker, Willow, Halsey, and many more. Below are the songs we found most notable, and if you want to see Machine Gun Kelly on tour in 2022, grab your tickets here.

“My Ex’s Best Friend” (488M+ streams)

This song sits atop MGK’s most played songs on Spotify, and if you’ve been anywhere near a radio over the last few years, surely you’ve heard it. This song, and album, were MGK’s launch into the pop-punk scene, with Blackbear’s feature adding a bit of a hip hop influence to keep the attention of MGK’s old fans.

“I Think I’m Okay” (377M+ streams) 

This song came off of MGK’s previous album Hotel Diablo. Producing more of a rap background, this record was an early indication of what direction his next release might sound like. Featuring legendary drummer Travis Barker and English singer YUNGBLUD, the trio collaborated to make a catchy rock song with deeply personal lyrics.

“Forget Me Too” (211M+ streams)

This song is one of MGK’s more straightforward punk songs, with fast-paced drums, quick riffs, and angsty lyrics. Halsey adds a nice touch to this song, keeping up the punk atmosphere in her own style to complement MGK’s singing.

“Candy” (216M+ streams)

Going back to his Hotel Diablo album, “Candy” was one of MGK’s bigger rap hits, featuring Ohio SoundCloud rapper Trippie Redd. This track contains a fairly simple synthetic drum beat with both MGK and Redd switching off verses throughout.

“Emo Girl” (46M+ streams)

This song only came out earlier this year, but quickly racked up over 40 million streams on Spotify. “Emo Girl” has seen a heavy presence on the radio, Tik Tok, MTV, and just about everywhere else. Featuring Willow, who also has entered the pop-punk scene as of late, this song has blown up on music charts around the world.

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