How to Purchase Pittsburgh Steelers Season Tickets

Jan 15, 2020


Alex Gormley

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If you spend all week looking forward to a Sunday full of football action, you’ve probably considered purchasing season tickets to your favorite NFL team.

Season tickets are a fantastic way for die-hard NFL fans to experience as much live football as possible each year. If you’re a dedicated Pittsburgh Steelers fan and interested in purchasing season tickets, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to get your hands on those coveted tickets.

Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

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Benefits of Season Tickets

Before we get into our rundown on how to buy season tickets for the Steelers, we thought it would be beneficial to do a quick rundown of the benefits of having season tickets.

Price Stability

Season tickets are a flat fee per game, so you won’t have to pay extra money for games that have increased importance or higher demand

Access to Playoff tickets

Season ticket holders are given the first right of refusal for playoff tickets before they go on sale to the general public

NFL Perks

The league offers a few perks of its own to season ticket holders, including free access to NFL RedZone, a discount at the NFL’s online shop and access to the league’s Ticket Exchange

How to Purchase Steelers Season Tickets

If you’re interested in buying Steelers season tickets, you can do so by signing up for the team’s waiting list or by purchasing a Stadium Builder’s License from a current season ticket holder.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were one of the first teams in the National Football League to start a season ticket waiting list for prospective season ticket holders, having done so all the way back in 1972. The Steelers do not publicly release the number of names already on their season ticket waiting list, so it’s a bit difficult to predict how long it will take to be selected for season tickets if you opt to join the waitlist. 

It’s been reported that the team was processing names that joined the list in 1998 just two years ago, so a conservative estimate is around a 20-year waiting period. Joining the waitlist is free and relatively painless, and you can do so via the team’s website here

One quick thing worth mentioning is that if you buy season tickets directly from the team, there are two different types of sections — “licensed and unlicensed”. Licensed sections require you to purchase a Stadium Builder’s License on top of the cost of season tickets, while unlicensed sections do not require an SBL purchase. 

If you’re interested in getting your hands on season tickets without having to wait two decades, you can do so by purchasing a Stadium Builder’s License from a current Steelers season ticket holder. Stadium Builders Licenses, which are also commonly referred to as Personal Seat Licenses, are a one-time payment made by season ticket holders which gives them the right to buy season tickets for a set of seats in perpetuity. Once a fan purchases a Stadium Builder’s License, they can sell or transfer their season tickets at any time, so if you buy an SBL from a fan you can skip the waiting list altogether. 

If you’re interested in purchasing an SBL, you can do so easily through the Steelers online SBL marketplace. The marketplace currently has over 700 listings with 1,972 seats available starting at $625 per seat. 

Season Ticket Pricing Information

The Steelers do not make their season ticket prices known to the public, but according to Statista, the team is near the league average when it comes to average ticket price. The average price for a single-game Steelers ticket is $104.60, which is just about two dollars more than the NFL average. 

On-Sale Dates

The Steelers send out season ticket invoices in early March, with full payment due to the team by the first day of May.