5 Tips: How To Get Cheap Houston Astros Tickets

Jul 30, 2018


Toni Matthews

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Worried buying Houston Astros tickets will cost more than you’re willing to spend? Well, the good news is you don’t mean you have to demolish your wallet trying to catch a game. Check out these top 5 ways to save money on Astros tickets this summer!

#1. Head to a Weekday Game

While it can be tough to break away from work and other obligations during the week, lower ticket prices could make it worth your while. Prices tend to climb for games that take place on a Saturday when compared to Tuesday or Wednesday games. You might think spending $25 to see the Astros host the Mariners on Saturday, August 11 is a steal. But if you get August 9 tickets, you can buy them for as little as $15.

Definitely take time of day into consideration as that can also affect ticket prices!

#2. Use SeatGeek’s Deal Score Feature

When spending hard-earned cash on tickets, Astros fans definitely want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth. Deal Score is a tool developed by SeatGeek to help rank the value of a ticket based on historical prices for the team and venue, the row location, the expected sightline from the section, and the quality of the other available tickets for the event. Using Deal Score will help ensure that you’re getting the most bang-for-your-buck when purchasing Astros tickets.

#3. Wait Until the Last Minute

The closer it gets to game day, the more sellers will try to offload unsold tickets. If you have patience, waiting it out can lead to some great discounts. While there may be less inventory to choose from, buying tickets at the last-minute will increase your chances of getting a ticket without paying full price.

One caveat: If you’re planning to go with a large group of friends or family members, this might not be the best option. Buying last-minute tickets may mean you won’t be able to guarantee that you’re all able to sit together. Something to keep in mind!

#4. Check Out the Away Games

Sure, it’s more exciting to see your favorite team on their local turf, but sometimes deciding to travel can have cash-saving perks. Tickets to see the Astros away at the Giants on August 7 start at just $6. Who knows? Saving on away tickets could leave you enough extra money to catch Houston in action at Minute Maid Park at a later date.

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