How to Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

Jan 4, 2019


Toni Matthews

With so many shows coming to the Broadway stage (or already there), theater lovers no doubt have their calendars marked up for 2019. But balancing ones love of live performances with their budget? That’s where we come in to play.

We’ve compiled a list of our top tips on how to save money when shopping for Broadway tickets. Check ’em out below!

Join the Official Email List For the Show’s Website

If you’re determined to buy through the primary market but still want a discount, then consider joining the play’s official mailing list. Not only will you be among the first to learn about ticket sales, but you might also be eligible for, or quickly made aware of, special discounts. Mailing lists are among the easiest ways to get up-to-the-minute info about your favorite Broadway shows–directly from the source!

Participate in a Lottery

Are you feeling lucky? One of the more popular methods of getting cheap tickets includes participating in a lottery, especially for shows like Hamilton, which hold a reputation for quickly selling out. By taking part in a special lottery, you have a chance at getting decent seats for the show. Additionally, tickets won through lotteries are incredibly low-priced.

Shop on SeatGeek

It’s no secret that we here at SeatGeek are always looking for the best ways to help you save money. That includes our Deal Score feature. We use various algorithms to decide which prices are the most reasonable or affordable compared to the other tickets listed. You can also opt to sort by cost, which will display the current lowest get-in price at the time of shopping. Even better? SeatGeek users can track their favorite plays to receive emails when prices drop. Shop Broadway on SeatGeek here.

Join the Theater Development Fund

The Theater Development Fund or TDF is all about making the performing arts available to as many people as possible. For this reason, TDF goes above and beyond, extending membership to those who might not have the easiest opportunity to catch a Broadway show. If you qualify for membership enrollment, you can to save up to 70 percent on your tickets! Members not only save, but through their involvement, can help fund programs to increase theatre accessibility to others.

If you’re part of at least one of the following groups, you can qualify to join:*****Full-time students  *Full-time teachers and school faculty  *Recent graduates (26 years of age and under)  *Full-time union members  *Retirees (no longer working and 62 years of age or older)  *Individuals on federal disability  *Full-time government employees/civil servants  *Full-time staff members of not-for-profit organizations  *Full-time non-exempt employees (full-time and eligible for overtime pay)  *Full-time arts professionals  *Members of the armed forces  *Freelancers  *Full-time clergy

Even if you don’t match any of the listed qualifications, there’s still an opportunity to join. Send an email to POE@tdf.org explaining why you believe you should get special consideration for TDF enrollment.

Head Over to a TDF TKTS Booth

One of the best-known ways to get ticket discounts is by heading over to TDF’s TKTS Booth on the day of the show. With the exception the biggest of Broadway hits, you’ll likely find discounted ticket prices for a wide variety of shows. Ticket savings can be as much as 50 percent off the original price.

The flagship booth is found “under the red stairs” at Duffy Square, at Broadway and 47th street. Other TKTS discount booths are located at Front and John Streets, at 190 Front Street and in the David Rubenstein Atrium at 61 West 62nd Street.

Last-Minute Box Office Tickets

On the day of the performance, shows will release last-minute tickets through the box office. If you’re willing to set your alarm and get up extra early you can stand in line and buy tickets, which typically go for less than $50.

Buy “Standing Room Only” Tickets

Sometimes even if a show is sold out, there’s still room available–technically. These “standing room only” tickets allow you to view the show from standing positions, usually located at the back of the orchestra. Like lottery tickets, SRO tickets tend to be far less expensive than full price tickets. Be sure to check SRO ticket availability and what the policies are for the play(s) you’re trying to catch.

Ask About a Student Discount

Whether you’re a high school student or you’re halfway through a four-year degree, it might be possible to get a student discount. These discounts are sometimes aimed at those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a Broadway ticket, or are offered with the hope of inspiring a new generation of performing arts fans. If you’re a student with a love of the theatre, you should always ask and make use of student discounts wherever available.

Make App Purchases

There are several Broadway apps, including apps for TodayTix and TDF, that allow you to get discounts through the app. Download them and check often for possible discounts on Broadway tickets.

(Cropped image courtesy Matias Garabedian via Flickr. | CC BY-SA 2.0)