2023 Formula 1 Calendar, Race Schedule and Tickets

Apr 3, 2023


Justin Chaplin

Looking forward to the 2023 Formula 1 season? If so, you’ve come to the right place! SeatGeek’s got you covered with everything you need to know about the upcoming F1 season that kicks off on Sunday, March 5th with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

From race dates and locations to ticket prices and how to buy them, we’ve got all the information you need to be prepared for the 2023 Formula 1 season. Let’s dive in!

2023 Formula 1 race calendar

The format for a Grand Prix weekend typically follows the same structure. Practices sessions are on Friday, qualifying is on Saturday and the full race is on Sunday. Find the full 2023 schedule below, featuring a record-high 24 races on the calendar!

2023 F1 race results

Keep track of all the action from the 2023 Formula 1 season with SeatGeek. We’ll keep this page updated with race results throughout the year. Here, you can find a table containing all 24 Grand Prix races along with their corresponding winners and podium finishers. Follow along as we update this page after each race so that you never miss any of the thrilling F1 action!

How to get Formula 1 tickets

Tickets for all Formula 1 races can be purchased directly through Formula 1’s website. Ticket prices range depending on the race, with the Las Vegas Grand Prix being the most in-demand race this year.

You’ll also have a number of ticket options for race weekend. A Grand Prix weekend contains three days of action. With practices, qualifying and the race taking place over the course of the weekend, you’ll have various ticket options. You can purchase 1-day tickets for any of the sessions, or 3-day tickets for the entire weekend. For 1-day tickets, the race on Sunday will obviously be the most expensive. Tickets to qualifying and practice will be cheaper, with practice being the cheapest 1-day ticket.

Formula 1 tickets on SeatGeek

You can purchase Formula 1 tickets on SeatGeek today for the following races:

Whether you’re looking for 1-day or 3-day tickets, SeatGeek’s got you covered!

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Frequently asked questions about Formula 1

Just finished up Netflix’s Drive to Survive and looking to get into F1? Here are some frequently asked questions for new fans to Formula 1.

When is the next Formula 1 Race?

The next Formula 1 race is the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. The race takes place on April 30th with practice sessions kicking off the weekend on April 28th.

How are points scored?

Of the 20 drivers on the grid, only those who finish in the top 10 will receive points. Below is the breakdown of how points are scored.

  • 1st: 25 points

  • 2nd: 18 points

  • 3rd: 15 points

  • 4th: 12 points

  • 5th: 10 points

  • 6th: 8 points

  • 7th: 6 points

  • 8th: 4 points

  • 9th: 2 points

  • 10th: 1 point

In addition, the driver who clocks in the fastest lap of the race will also receive 1 point if they place in the top 10. If the driver who records the fastest lap is not in the top 10, no fastest lap point will be awarded.

What is a Sprint Race?

This year, there are six weekends that’ll contain Sprint races. A sprint race weekend has a different format than a typical race weekend. Practice sessions and qualifying for the Sprint race take place on Friday. Saturday will contain another practice session, followed by the Sprint race. The Sprint race is a shortened version of an actual race that sets the grid for the full race on Sunday. Points are also awarded to the top 8 drivers in the Sprint. Here are the point allocations for Spring races:

  • 1st: 8 points

  • 2nd: 7 points

  • 3rd: 6 points

  • 4th: 5 points

  • 5th: 4 points

  • 6th: 3 points

  • 7th: 2 points

  • 8th: 1 point

Who is the favorite to win the Formula 1 World Driver’s Championship?

Red Bull’s reigning champion, Max Verstappen, is the heavy favorite to win the 2023 WDC. Per Fanduel, here are the betting odds for this year’s champion:

  • Max Verstappen, Red Bull: -320

  • Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes: +1200

  • Charles Leclerc, Ferrari: +1200

  • Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin: +1200