5 Tips to Save Money When Buying NHL Tickets

Oct 11, 2016


Angela Bunt

There’s nothing like seeing a professional hockey game in person. From the sound the puck makes as it dings off a post, to the blur of the players going by at 30 mph, to the electricity in the building as the goal horn blares. As the most popular sport in America, hockey tickets can pack a serious punch to your wallet. But with these buying tips from SeatGeek, you’ll be armed with the tools to find the best deals to see your favorite NHL team.

Tip 1: Games at the beginning of the season offer the best value

A win in the NHL is worth two points in the standings whether it comes in October or April, but playoff races at the end of the season can often drive up demand for tickets. While the tension of being at one of the final games of the regular season is a great experience, smart shoppers will also check out games in October and November. Over the past three seasons, tickets to games in October have resold for an average of $73, and for an average of $75 in November. That price climbs throughout the season and reaches a high of $93 in April, an increase of 27 percent from October.

Tip 2: There is big savings on weeknights

If you’re willing to be a little sleepy at work the next morning, weeknights are a great time to catch an NHL game as ticket prices are typically far lower than they are on Friday nights and weekends. In particular Tuesdays and Thursdays offer the best value, with both days having an average resale price of $70 over the past three seasons. Mondays are only slightly higher, with an average resale price of $74. Wednesdays are a bit more expensive due to a typically limited schedule and Rivalry Night on NBCSN. Sundays are actually the most expensive day to see a game, with average resale prices of $103 over the past three years.

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Tip 3: Buy tickets the week of the game

It may seem like a natural instinct to buy tickets as far out from an event as possible to ensure you get the seats you want, and if you have your eyes on an exact location this might be the smart move. But those who are a bit flexible would be smart to wait until the week of the game to purchase their tickets, when prices typically drop. On average last seasons fans who purchased tickets the week of the game spent 33 percent less than those who purchased tickets a month or more out from the game.

Tip 4: Keep an eye on the opponent

While the popularity of the local team may have a big impact on prices, the team in the away team locker room can also cause prices to move up or down. Over the past three years the three most popular road teams have been the Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins, and New York Rangers. On the other end of the spectrum, fans should check the schedule for matchups against the Arizona Coyotes, Florida Panthers and Calgary Flames, who were the three best values as road teams over the past three seasons.

Tip 5: Pick a smart road trip destination

It’s always fun to visit another arena, and many NHL fans look to take road trips to see how their team plays in front of an opposing crowd. Those planning trips should not only take into account airfare and hotel prices, but also the price of tickets. Over the past three years the most expensive teams to see at home have been the Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers. Instead fans might want to look into road trips to see their favorite team play against the Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers and Columbus Blue Jackets, the three least expensive teams in the league.