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March Madness: First & Second Round Results and Sweet 16 Tickets

Mar 22, 2023


Kristen Humphries

It’s official – the First and Second Rounds of the NCAA Tournament are over, and the remaining teams are gearing up for the Sweet 16. Despite being only 6 days into the March Madness schedule, this year’s tournament has already been full of surprises, upsets and exciting moments. 

What began as a 68-team battle to the finish line has since become an intense faceoff between the top 16-seeded teams in the Nation. Teams advancing to the Sweet 16 bracket include Alabama, San Diego State, Creighton, Princeton, Kansas State, Tennessee, Florida Atlantic, Michigan State, Houston, Xavier, Miami, Texas, UCLA, Gonzaga, Uconn and Arkansas. 

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights and results from the NCAA First and Second Rounds. 

NCAA First and Second-Round results

First things first, let’s talk about the upsets. There are always a few surprises in the early rounds, and this year was no exception. Farleigh Dickinson, a 16-seed, shocked the world by knocking off No. 1 seed Purdue in the First Rounds but later fell to the No. 9 seed Florida Atlantic in the Second Round. 

Meanwhile, 15-seed Princeton took down No. 2-seed Arizona, then followed it up with another upset over No. 7-seed Missouri, making this the first time they have advanced to the third round in the NCAA since 1965. These Cinderella stories are what makes March Madness so special, and it’s always fun to root for the underdogs. 

But there were also some dominant performances by the top teams in the tournament. Alabama, the number one overall seed, cruised through their first two games with blowout wins over Texas A&M-CC and Maryland. They are set to face off against San Diego State in the Sweet 16 bracket. 

Houston also looked strong, dispatching Northern Kentucky and Auburn with ease. And let’s not forget about Kansas, the NCAA 2022 Champions, who advanced to the Sweet 16 with wins over Montana State and Kentucky. 

Of course, there were also some standout players who shined in the early First and Second rounds. Tyson Walker, a Michigan State guard, led the way scoring 23 points overall, with 17 of those points in the second half, advancing the team to the Sweet 16 bracket. 

So what’s next for the NCAA tournament? We’ve got some exciting matchups in store for the Sweet 16 schedule, including San Diego State vs. Alabama, Creighton vs. Princeton, Kansas State vs. Michigan State, Tennessee vs. Florida Atlantic, Houston vs. Miami, Texas vs. Xavier, UCLA vs. Gonzaga and last but not least, Uconn vs. Arkansas.

Will the upsets continue, or will the top teams reassert their dominance? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – March Madness is just getting started, and we’re in for a wild ride. 

What is the March Madness bracket?

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