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Broadway Shows 2024: What’s Coming to the Stage?

Jan 2, 2024


Emily Kho

As the curtain rises on 2024, Broadway is poised to enchant audiences with an exhilarating lineup of shows, blending the allure of new productions with the nostalgia of revivals. This year marks a significant resurgence for the theater district. After all, Broadway shows in New York have always been the pulsating heart of the city’s cultural landscape. 

After a period of uncertainty, Broadway's 2024 season emerges as a beacon of artistic brilliance and diversity, promising to offer something for every theatergoer. From gripping dramas and heartwarming romances to spectacular musicals and profound classics, the upcoming shows are set to rekindle the magic of live theater. 

This article aims to shine a spotlight on these productions, offering a glimpse into their narratives, star casts, and the unique experiences they bring to the stage. As we delve into the world of Broadway shows in 2024, let's celebrate the enduring power of theater to move, entertain, and inspire.

Opening in January 2024, this musical adaptation stars Kelli O’Hara and Brian d’Arcy James. It's a poignant tale of a married couple grappling with substance abuse, set against the backdrop of 1950s New York. 

The show is a Broadway premiere by Adam Guettel and Craig Lucas, promising a deep and emotional journey.

2. Doubt: A Parable

Scheduled for February 2024, this revival of John Patrick Shanley’s Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning drama features Tyne Daly and Liev Schreiber. The play explores a crisis of faith and morality within a Catholic school, making it a compelling and thought-provoking production.

This romantic drama, based on Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel, begins in February 2024. With a score by Ingrid Michaelson, the musical adaptation brings the story of Allie and Noah to the stage, a tale of enduring love that transcends time and trials.

Opening in March 2024, this spectacle-filled musical adaptation of Sara Gruen’s novel brings the magic of the circus to Broadway. It's a story of love and liberation set in the vibrant world of a traveling circus during the Great Depression.

Rob Madge’s solo show, opening in March 2024, is a mix of humor and poignancy. It's an autobiographical tale that celebrates individuality and resilience, promising to be both entertaining and inspiring.

Starring Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli, this adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s classic opens in March 2024. It's a timely story about public perception and the consequences of speaking truth to power.

This rock opera, based on The Who’s 1969 album, returns to Broadway in March 2024. It's an epic and exhilarating journey through the life of its titular character, Tommy.

Based on S.E. Hinton’s novel and Francis Ford Coppola’s film, this new musical arrives in March 2024. It's a story of youth, struggle, and the bonds of friendship set in the 1960s.

Opening in April 2024, this musical portrays the life of artist Tamara de Lempicka. Starring Eden Espinosa, it's a visually stunning production that explores art, ambition, and survival.

Inspired by the life of Alicia Keys, this new musical opens in April 2024. It promises a blend of compelling narrative and soulful music, reflecting the vibrancy of New York City.

An all-new adaptation of this classic opens in April 2024. It's a fresh take on L. Frank Baum’s story is filled with music, magic, and a celebration of African-American culture.

12. The Heart of Rock and Roll

Featuring the music of Huey Lewis, this romantic comedy opens in April 2024. It's a lighthearted and nostalgic journey through some of the greatest hits of the 1980s.

13. Cabaret

Eddie Redmayne and Gayle Rankin star in this new production of the classic musical, opening in April 2024. It's a dark, dazzling exploration of life in Weimar, Germany, set in the infamous Kit Kat Club.

Steve Carell makes his Broadway debut in this adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s play, opening in April 2024. It's a story of unrequited love, aging, and the search for meaning in a changing world.

15. Mother Play

Starring Jessica Lange, Jim Parsons, and Celia Keenan-Bolger, this play opens in April 2024. It's a bitingly funny and honest look at family dynamics and the complexities of motherhood.

16. Mary Jane

Featuring Rachel McAdams in her Broadway debut, this drama opens in April 2024. It's a powerful story of a single mother facing an impossible situation, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit.

17. Suffs

Beginning in April 2024, this new musical by Shaina Taub tells the story of the women’s suffrage movement. It's a celebration of the fight for women's rights, filled with empowering music and inspiring characters.

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