Justin Bieber: The Believe Tour Dates 2012-2013

May 29, 2012



Justin Bieber Tour Dates 2012

The North American tour dates below were announced at 7:00 A.M. on 5/23/2012.

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dates 2012


Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dates 2013


UK Tour Dates 2013

Beginning in February, JBieb’s mini-tour will kick off in Manchester and continue visiting arenas only. It’s a fittingly grand schedule for the Canadian mega-celeb, whose video for the hit single, “Boyfriend,” recently smashed YouTube records when viewed 8 million times within a 24-hour span.

London may be capable of hosting the cream of the world’s athletic crop this summer, but the world’s quotient of Beliebers? That remains to be seen.

Be sure to check back here for ticket updates! Can’t wait? You can always go right to the source.

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Yesterday I speculated at the demand of 2012 Justin Bieber tickets. Long story short, it’s going to be high, but maybe not as bad as some other upper-echolon pop acts like Lady Gaga (Born This Way Ball), Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney (Brothers of the Sun Tour).

Tickets for all Believe Tour Dates

Looking Deeper at the Believe Tour Dates

Believe Concerts by Month

Month# of Shows

  • Justin Bieber is coming out strong on the North American leg of this tour with 20 shows in 33 days

  • He is settling down during the Holidays with 12 shows during November and only show at the very beginning of December

  • He then picks back up again to end the tour strong with 13 shows in the first month of 2013

Where is Bieber Touring and Where is he not Touring

  • The Believe tour is an ambitious trek which so far includes North American stops in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin

  • Despite this bold touring schedule, Justin has left a few states out: Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming

  • All in all, he is hitting 26 of 50 states, plus Washington, D.C.

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Updates

Believe Tour Info

Number of shows: There will purportedly be 125 shows on the Believe Tour starting after his June 19th release date of the Believe album.

When do Justin Bieber tickets go on sale 2012

As reported yesterday from the man himself on Twitter, Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour Tickets will go on sale in May, should you can expect Believe Tour dates to be announced this month or early May.

“u guys like #BOYFRIEND? Converting the haterz? #BOYFRIENDVIdeo in the next 2 weeks! #BELIEVETour goes on sale in MAY! LEGGO!”

Justin Bieber Tour Prices by Date

Justin Bieber’s 2012 Tour Ticket Prices

The table below represents the average ticket prices for tickets on the resale marketing. These are different from the face value of the tickets.

CityStateVenue NameDateAvg. Price

Yesterday I looked at Justin Bieber ticket prices by event and alluded to how these have trended up over the last 2 years or so. Today I took a closer look at this trend.

Most Popular Justin Bieber Tour Dates (Historically)

Using past data, we can speculate which USA tour dates Justin Bieber will hit in 2012. The assumption is that if this concert schedule was successful in the past, his team will be more likely to have him double-back on the successful markets. So below I have listed Justin Bieber’s past tour dates in order of popularity.

CityStateVenueDateAvg. Price

Notes on Past Justin Bieber Tour Dates

  • The Bieber bug is rampant in the United Kingdom, as 2 of his Biebs’ top 3 shows were at the O2 Arena, including the his most popular show on March 14, 2011

  • It’s interesting to see the Canadian venues being the least popular, considering this young stud (can I say that?) is a Canadian.

Justin Bieber Tour Rumors & Believe Tour Updates

Justin Bieber New Album Details

Update 12/20/2011Another Canadian superstar will be joining powers with Justin Bieber. Drake, who just dropped his new album “Take Care” to rave reviews, will be helping out on Justin Bieber’s “Believe” album in January 2012. Drake will be busy next year as he has seventeen tour dates in 2012. Will there be another live Biebs and Drizzy appearance?

Justin Bieber Tour Dates 2012

Justin Bieber hasn’t announced his 2012 tour dates yes, but he has started to tease it out on Twitter.

and announcing some of the world tour dates soon!! Im hyped. travel the world and bring the tour

So he hasn’t given of the Holiday gift of announcing his new tour dates, but Bieber did drop a Christmas album ‘Under The Mistletoe

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Locations

Justin Bieber Believe Tour California

The Believe tour opens up with a West coast run starting in Glendale, Arizona on September 29. After a quick rip up to Sin City, Bieber and crew will head west into Cali for a multi-city run through LA, Fresno and Oakland. After California, Bieber is headed up to the Pacific Northwest with shows in Portland, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington conveniently bringing him close to the border of his home country, which is where the tour heads next.

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Canada

The Believe Tour spends most of the middle of October hitting up the major cities in Canada starting with Calgary on October 12th, cruising through Edmonton and Saskatoon before ending this first Canadian run in Winnipeg on October 18th. The tour dips back into the United States for over a month before heading back to Canada for shows in Kanata, Montreal and Toronto.

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Boston

After the first Canadian leg of the tour, JB heads through the Midwest, south to Texas and then up the East Coast through Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and finally the TD Garden in Boston on on November 10th. This will mark almost the two year anniversary of the last time Bieber played the TD Garden on November 16th, 2010. For that concert ticket prices averaging $111.08, but with increased fame and such a large gap in shows, you can expect that price to be higher this time around.

Justin Bieber Believe Tour NYC – New York

After Boston, Bieber heads to Brooklyn to do his first of two NYC shows in what will then be the brand new Barclays Center which is opening on September 28, 2012 with a Jay-Z concert. The next NYC show comes a couple later, when Bieber invades Manhattan’s famed Madison Square Garden on what is likely going to be a landmark event on the tour.

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Florida

After hitting the Big Apple, Justin heads North again to finish off the final Canadian dates of the tour which I discussed above. After a rip to Salt Lake City, Utah, Bieber crosses through Denver and heads south Hitting spots in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia before dipping into the sunshine state for the final shows. On January 25th 2013 Bieber will perform in Orlando and then the very next night the North American tour will end with a show in Miami at American Airlines arena.

Recent Justin Bieber Videos

While we are all anxiously waiting for Justin’s new tour, we can still kick back with some of his new Youtube videos.

Including this exclusive rap. Yep a Justin Bieber rap.

Image via Flickr user robmaguire.

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