How Does SeatGeek Mobile Entry Work?

Aug 8, 2018


Angela Bunt

In a world of recyclable grocery bags and a ban on plastic straws, it’s no surprise that more and more ticket vendors are making the switch from hard tickets to mobile entry.

Mobile entry simply means that instead of using a printed ticket to get into an event, the ticket will be sent to you phone. When you arrive at the gate, the venue employee will scan the ticket’s barcode straight from your iOS device rather than a piece of paper.

Still confused? It’s super simple–we swear! Here are some other things you need to know about SeatGeek mobile entry.

Venue Policies for Mobile Entry Can Vary

Some venues do require that you print your tickets before arrival – so look out for instructions that will appear in the SeatGeek app and via email. You can pull up your order in the “My Tickets” section of your SeatGeek account to find out whether your tickets are good for mobile entry. Also, you can double-check the venue’s website ahead of time.

You Can Scan Multiple Tickets

If you’ve purchased more than one ticket, head to “My Tickets” on SeatGeek and swipe left to access the other orders. Make sure you’re standing with the person that the other ticket is for if you’re entering an event.

My Tickets Say ‘Not Valid for Entry via Mobile Device’

Some venues will print this on the ticket to discourage people from zooming in on the tickets pdf on their phone. This doesn’t mean that the venue will not allow the use of the mobile entry barcode through the SeatGeek app. If the barcode is generated and displays in the SeatGeek app, you’ll be good to go.

You Don’t Have to Use Mobile Entry

Don’t like relying on technology to get into live events? That’s OK! You don’t have to use mobile entry. Simply head to the “My Tickets” function on SeatGeek and you’ll be given the option to print your mobile tickets instead.

Download the SeatGeek app for easy mobile entry and ticket transfers.

(Image courtesy of Freepik.)