SeatGeek Swaps

Nov 30, 2020



How do I return my tickets using the SeatGeek Swaps offer? 

Returning your tickets is super easy! If your order is eligible, simply go into the “My Tickets” section of your SeatGeek account and click the “Return” button on the order you’d like to return. Follow the return flow and send the auto-filled message that appears to our support team, who will respond and give you further instructions on how to send your tickets back to SeatGeek (this may vary based on how the tickets were originally delivered to you). Once we’ve received your tickets, we’ll add your 100% credit to your account, and you can use it on a future purchase.  

How do I know if my tickets are eligible to be returned? 

Tickets that are eligible to be returned using the SeatGeek Swaps offer will have a “Return” button next to the “Send” and “Sell” buttons in the “My Tickets” section of your SeatGeek account. If your order is not eligible, you will only see the “Send” and “Sell” buttons.  If you no longer wish to use tickets that are not eligible to be returned, you can still re-list them for sale on SeatGeek!  Here are instructions on how to sell your tickets on SeatGeek. 

Can I return some, but not all, of my tickets in exchange for a partial credit? 

At this time, we cannot accept partial returns. If you don’t plan to use all of your tickets, you may be able to list the remaining tickets for sale on SeatGeek–here’s how.  

Does my SeatGeek credit expire, and can I use it across multiple purchases? 

Yes, your SeatGeek credit expires 12 months after it is applied to your account. During that time, you can purchase tickets to any future event–so you can buy tickets to an event that is more than 12 months away, as long as you make the purchase within 12 months of the credit being applied to your account.  

Your SeatGeek credit is a one-time use credit, meaning you may only use it on a single purchase. If you purchase tickets for less than the total value of your credit, you will not be able to use the remaining credit on another purchase.  

What can I use my SeatGeek credit on? 

You may use your credit on any promo-eligible tickets listed for any SeatGeek event. This means concerts, sporting events, comedy shows, theater, or even different tickets to the same event you originally purchased for! The majority of our listings are promo-eligible, but if you’d like to be sure, you can filter for promo-eligible listings in the filters menu at the top of any SeatGeek event page. 

For additional help, please check out our support page.