Your Guide to Camping at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Feb 4, 2020


April Hanna

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If you want to get the full Bonnaroo Music Festival experience, camping on the festival grounds is the way to go. However, pitching a tent for the star-studded, music-filled weekend is easier said than done. Bonnaroo campers, fear not – we’ve put together a comprehensive list of everything you need to know before you head out to camp at Bonnaroo this year.

Bonnaroo Tickets

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Camping Passes

In order to camp during Bonnaroo, festival-goers must purchase a camping pass along with their ticket. Car camping, Bonnaroo’s most popular camping option, start at $60 plus fees. However if you purchase four GA passes, you receive one car camping pass free of charge. RV camping, tent camping, glamping, community camps, and other options are also available for purchase. You can check out all of the camping pass options here.

Camping Options

Before we get into the all the deets, we thought we’d break down all the different camping styles that Bonnaroo has to choose from. The festival offers a variety of different ways for you and your crew to camp out all weekend long.

Car Camping

Car camping is Bonnaroo’s most popular camping option by far, as it allows festival goers to park their vehicle alongside their camping space. This gives fans the opportunity to build their own humble abode among their campsite, and have their car nearby for easy access to personal items, food, and any other festival essentials. Car camping spaces are 20’X20.’ While only one vehicle per car campsite is allowed, unlimited guests can dwell in your camping space. The more the merrier! If you plan on bringing an additional vehicle, simply purchase another camping pass for it. Bonnaroo likes to say that camping passes are “like wristbands for your car” – every car needs one to enter the festival grounds to camp! A decal will be included to affix to your vehicle’s windshield before you get to the festival. And remember: everyone who is staying at your car camping site needs a festival ticket.

RV Camping

All RVs, and any vehicle towing a camper or 5th wheel of any size, are required to have an RV Camping Pass in order to enter the festival.  RV Camping spaces measure 20’X50′ and RV Camping Passes start at $250.

If you’re bringing along your trusty RV, you might also be wondering about power supply and access to water. While there are no water hookups, the festival will supply a mobile water refill and pump option. This service is available via United Site Services for a fee. Power Passes are also available to provide varying strength power hookups to your RV.

Lastly, RVs can also be rented for the festival weekend through RV Share, a marketplace of sorts that provides a multitude of RVs available for short-term rent.

“Grab and Go” Tent Camping

Do you love some good ol’ fashioned camping? Don’t have a car? Traveling to Bonnaroo from another country? Tent camping is ideal for building your own DIY oasis upon the 700-acre farm. This camping accommodation has it all – for just $50, the festival will provide you with a 2-person tent, 2 sleeping bags, and 2 air mattresses…to keep! What better than being given your tent upon arrival, and then getting to take it home too? Souvenir tents, large tents, VIP Platinum tents, and other tent options are also available to choose from. Check out all of the Bonnaroo tent camping options here.

Groop Camps

Bringing 24 people or more to Bonnaroo? Or, are you attending the festival solo but want to camp? Check out Bonnaroo’s Groop Camping program. Simply elect someone in your party as a “groop leader,” and you’ll have a designated space over the course of the weekend that your guests can show up to whenever they choose to. If you’re a solo festival goer but would like to camp in a group and meet some new people, you can register to be placed in a Groop Camp for the weekend. This is a surefire way for large groups to ensure that they get to camp together, in the same camping space. Check out more information about this unique program here.

Themed Community Camping

If you’re looking to camp with those who are like-minded, then look no further than Bonnaroo’s Community Camping options. It’s similar to Groop Camps in that the groups are large, however each one has a specific theme. This year, there’s Solo Roo Camp (for those attending the festival solo and looking to make new friends), Soberoo (for those living a sober lifestyle), SheROO (for women and nonbinary identifying festival goers), and family camping (for those who are camping as a family and accompanied by their children.) These camps are led by Bonnaroo staff and festival-going veterans who will show you the ropes and make sure your experience is nothing less than stellar. Each camp will also have designated special programming and activities. Check out more about Community Camping here.

Camping Rules

Each style of camping has its own set of guidelines, but Bonnaroo outlines some general rules for all campers to follow in order for everyone to have a stellar camping experience. (You can a full and detailed list of camping guidelines here.)

Opening Times

Each campground has a specific opening time where festival attendees can check in and pick their camping spot for the weekend. While these spaces are claimed on a first come, first served basis, Bonnaroo stresses that all spaces are near the campground amenities, and have a view of the stage, regardless of how close they are to all the action. Those camping alongside a vehicle enter through “tollbooths” where the festival can monitor the flow of traffic coming in, making the check-in process run as smoothly as possible. All designated opening times can be found here.


It’s important to note that Bonnaroo sets some parameters for the types of vehicles that it allows on the campgrounds. RVs are considered any vehicle larger in length of 20.’ While any vehicle that is used to tow onto the campgrounds is considered an RV, box trucks are not permitted. Keep in mind, the following vehicles are not allowed: bikes or scooters of any kind, segways, four wheelers, and pocket bikes. Check out a detailed list here of RVs that are allowed entry at Bonnaroo. (Parking at the ‘Roo? Check out our full parking pass guide here.)

Food & Drink

As far as alcohol goes, Bonnaroo permits each person to bring two cases of beer, 1.75 liter of hard liquor, and two boxes of wine. Glass containers are banned from the festival grounds, as well as kegs. Keep in mind that while you can bring alcohol to your campsite, Bonnaroo’s general stores on the campgrounds will also have beer for sale throughout the festival weekend.

Campfires & More

Campfires, along with any other kind of open flame, are not permitted at Bonnaroo. However, the only exception to this rule are small grills used for cooking purposes.

If you plan to bring a gas-powered generator that’s smaller than 4KW, you are allowed to bring the appropriate amount of gasoline to power it (5 gallons). Planning on bringing a small personal grill or stove? In this case, Bonnaroo allows up to 40 lbs of charcoal and/or a small (20 lbs or less) container of propane to be brought with you to your campsite. Bonnaroo also details that “small green Coleman propane tanks are limited to 2 per grill.”


Bonnaroo’s campgrounds are filled with amenities, bringing everything you need right to your tent’s door. From WiFi to general stores and food vendors that are open late-night, you’ll never have to walk over to Centeroo for a midnight snack (or beer.)

Electrical Outlets & WiFi

Phone charging stations, along with a free WiFi network are available to campers. While the Wifi traffic can be heavy, and phone charging stations can easily become crowded, they are first-come, first-served. Need an outlet at your campsite? Plan ahead and purchase a Power Pass.

Vendors & General Store

There will be 2 general stores on site, with everything from snacks to personal hygiene items to disposable cameras. If you’re in need of a camping essential that you may have ran out of or forgot at home, the general stores most likely will have it in stock. Food vendors will also be available to those camping, so you don’t have to trek out to Centeroo in the middle of the night for a late-night bite.


All of the general stores have ATMs inside for festival attendees to grab cash if need be.

Bonnaroo Tickets

Official Bonnaroo tickets go on sale on January 9. There are several ticket types, tiers, and add-ons, so be sure to check out all of your options. Four-day general admission passes start at $319 plus fees.​ Looking to shop around, or waiting until summer gets closer to secure your plans? You can always find tickets on SeatGeek! Use code BONNAROO20 at checkout for $20 off your ticket purchase. Browse tickets here or view select listings below.

(Photo by Krists Luhaers via Unsplash)