50 Cent’s Top 10 Hardest (Sprayin Bullets) Lines

Feb 4, 2015



“Go shorty, it’s your birthday.” Those handful of words that introduced 50 Cent to the masses became iconic, getting bumped by both young middle/upperclass (mostly) whites in the exurbs and lower class (mostly) blacks on the streets of 50’s hood in Queens, New York. With Get Rich or Die Tryin, and a story that resonated across demographics, races and cultures, a new rap legend was made.

But before this flagship release, 50 Cent—former Jam Master Jay “protege”—had earned enough buzz to sign with Columbia Records and record an album, Power of the Dollar. You might not have heard this album before because before it was released Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was shot nine times and a shook Columbia released 50 Cent and never released the music. With this, ongoing controversy surrounding the controversial cut Ghetto Quran, Jam Master Jay’s death and “How to Rob,” industry people were not keen on working with 50 (rumor has it he was “blackballed” from the industry) and he was simultaneously pissing off a lot of his would-be colleagues (some might be surprised to revisit Low Income on Wyclef’s The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book and find a 50 Cent response).

But all was not bad, 50 recovered from the gunshots and although his voice had been altered by a bullet wound through the jaw, it wasn’t necessarily for the worst sonically. In addition, as 50 was rebuilding his buzz by flooding the market with album quality material alongside G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, the great white hope was rising to top-of-the-game status with back-to-back classics: 1999’s The Slim Shady LP and 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP, which sandwiched outstanding album-making contributions to Dre’s 2001 alongside Hit-Boy and others. And much like Eminem’s whiteness turning into a positive for his career once he hit the mainstream, 50 Cent’s survival of a spraying of bullets took his already high perceived “realness” to levels perhaps not reached since Pac himself, who was also shot (only five times…) in NYC and survived.

So when 50 Cent talks about shooting people or getting shot at, it’s not just an egregious use of violence to build brand, it’s a compelling fictionalized narrative of his life on the streets, where he was shot. With that said, let’s dive into 10 of 50 Cent’s most ruthless and aggressive, but also hottest lyrics involving guns and shooting. Don’t get lost in the post-The Massacre world, 50 has spit some of the best lines of all-time, especially in the Hard Rap genre. Recognize.

The Top 10 Hottest Lyrics


  • Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin’

  • Artist: 50 cent

Keep thinkin I’m candy till ya fuckin skull get poppedAnd ya brain jump out the top like Jack-in-the-boxIn the hood summer time is the killing seasonIt’s hot out this bitch that’s a good ’nuff reasonI’ve seen gangsta’s get religious when they start bleedingSayin “Lord, Jesus Help Me” cause they ass leaking

High All The Time

  • Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin’

  • Artist: 50 cent

You feeling brave nigga, go ahead get gullySee if I won’t leave your brains leaking up out your skully

Many Men (verse 3) – Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (track 4)

In the Bible it says, what goes around, comes around“Hommo” shot me, three weeks later he got shot downNow it’s clear that I’m here, for a real reasonCause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain’t fucking breathing

If I Can’t

  • Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin’

  • Artist: 50 cent

I’m waiting on niggas to act like they don’t know how to actI had a sip of too much Jack, I’ll blow em off the mapWith the mack, thinking it’s all rapTil that ass get clapped and Doc say, ‘It’s a wrap’

I’m Supposed To Die Tonight

When I come out to play, and my mob ain’t with meYou can bet your bottom dollar that revolver with meHomeboy, frontin on me’ll shorten your lifespanHold the mic with my left, my knife in my right hand

We All Die One Day

You can do all them push ups to pump up your chestI got a twelve gauge Mausberg to pump up your chestHave you gasping for air after that shell hit your vestFear me like you fear God cause I bring death

Til I Collapse (50 Cent Remix)

  • **Album:**n/a

  • Artist: 50 cent

Now don’t think I won’t hit you because I’m popular, I got P-90 Ruger to pop at ya, catch youslipping I’m give you what I got for ya, my clip loaded with 16 shots for ya, you never had a hot gunon ya waste and blood on your shoe because a nigga went and said the wrong shit to you, homieyou ain’t been threw what I been threw you not like me and I’m not like you.

Corner Bodega

  • Album: Power of the Dollar

  • Artist: 50 cent

(Hey, times is hard man) I know, don’t remind meIf I catch another case I’mma kill Guiliani

Life’s on the Line

  • Album: Power of the Dollar

  • Artist: 50 cent

I’m not a marksmen when I’m sparkin’ I spray randomNot a pretty nigga but my mom’s think I’m handsomeI hate to hear, ‘He say, She say’ shitUnless, he say, she say, ‘She on my dick’

It’s no coincidence, niggas who fuck with me get shot upDo it Cali style, drive by and tear ya block upYou soft, Duke, you putting up a crazy front

Ghetto Qu’ran (Forgive Me)

  • Album: Power of the Dollar

  • Artist: 50 cent

Coming up I heard sipping too much booze’ll leave you confusedAnd if you watch the news you see players in this game that loseI’m forgetting Lefty and Jazz, Pretty Tony and LanceHead Lou, Mel son, Troy and E Money BagsIn a conversation over shrimp and lobsterAt Benihana’s, heard Chico stopped boxing, and started robbing dinersShout out to Clarence and Clutch, Bob Dre, Black WillIf the flow don’t kill you the Mac will

Rotten Apple

Basically the whole fucking song.

I’m on parole, I used to be on probaaaaaationI’m with my gun I get full coporaaaaaationI tell you “take it off” no hesitaaaaaationNigga you play around, I lay you downThat’s how it’s goin’ downDon’t play wit’ me, I don’t have patieeeeeentsMy headachin’, and I need my medicaaaaaaationNiggaz be hatin’, they don’t know what they faaaaaacin’Nigga you play around, I lay you downThat’s how it’s goin’ downI be in court throwin’ signs like I’m a maaaaaasonNigga witness against me, I’ma eraaaaaase ’emIf they try an runaway, I’ma chaaaaaaase ’emNow with the pound, and I’m a lay ’em downThat’s how it’s goin’ down

Wise men listen and laugh while fools talkStick up kids don’t live long in New YorkFuck around and catch the wrong jukes on the streetGet caught slippin’, then get hit wit’ like three

You should here they be saying man “50 be flipping”“Shot my man over seven grams, that nigga be tripping”I know death is promised, I don’t fear getting murkedIt’s when a nigga half-way killa ya homie, it hurtsNow we can hit the club and get it crunked

As the World Turns

  • Album: Guess Who’s Back

  • Artist: 50 cent

I need money to main-tainnHustalin aint a gameeNigga go and gets the grainnGon’ get tore out the frameeT.Vs in the RangeeI’m in ta nice thanggs I slang weed (snort)Coc-ainee and Herio-anee50 CentThats my nameeNigga I bring the painnYou thought shit stay the sameeNigga shit gon’ changePut a bullet in your brainnNigga at close range